Highly professional design and development needs these 8 key features

It is always a wish of each and every website designing company and owners to be successful and have high traffic to their site, well designed website trigger high chances of success by keeping client coming back for more, therefore in the designing process ensure all the web design features are incorporated putting the client and users in mind. These features include:

1. Ease of navigation. Site navigation should be easy to understand, the content font should be large enough, visible and consistent throughout the site, Users should also be able to have a understanding on the page they are in and have a clue of what the content they expect to find after clicking a certain button or text link, this will allow users to easily find the content or information they are looking for.

2. Good Content. The content in every page should be well organized and have a flow. It also should match the page title, be free from errors and be up to date. Text and images should not overlap each allow easy and fast user understanding.

3. Mobile Responsive and browsers compatible The design should be responsive irrespective the type and size of the device you are using, be it a mobile, tablet or even a computer. The text, images and links should be visible and should not overlap at any point. The website should also allow proper and clear display of all content in all know browsers.

4. Simple and Attractive The general appearance of the website should be appearing to the user, this is in term of the color used, readable text, quality and meaningful graphics. The site should also ensure simplicity without compromising the overall quality and functionalities.

5. Search engine optimized The website should allow easy accessibility through search engine, this is achieved by using correct and relevant page titles, Meta tags, headers and also images alt tags. Proper use of these tools will also increase you search engine ranking and thus be more visible online.

6. Uniqueness The site should be unique in terms of general design and content, this will not only allow the website to stand out but also increases search engine ranking.

7. Links When designing a website, dead links and too much irrelevant redirects should be avoided as much as possible since they can easily make the user bored or irritated and leave the site and have a bad impression about it.

8. Usability A good website should allow ease of use in terms of, minimal scrolling, logical navigation and organization of content; it should also have a high loading speed less than 3 sec at least. Having looked at the main features of a good website design, the designing company has a duty to ensure that they incorporate all the web design features so as to lender great and quality designs to their client.

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